Wednesday, November 5, 2008

14 Years Together!

I'll say it again. Sorry ladies! I took this handsome, sexy, sweet, pilot RIGHT off the market! And I will also repeat the answer to the question oft heard around the time of our engagement. No, he doesn't have any brothers.
Our story is short. But long at the same time. Nobody but nobody knows what magic was happening in our hearts, but everyone knows it was lightning speed.
We met through my aunt, but not in person. We wrote letters and had long phone calls lasting all night. We still did not meet in person, as he was in Anchorage and I was in Fairbanks.
One month later, I flew to Kenai for my niece's first birthday. On my way back to Fairbanks, (where I was an elem school teacher) I had a one-hour lay-over. He had been wanting to fly up to Fairbanks for some time, but I had delayed our meeting. I liked the safety and comfort of a long-distance relationship! He did not. LOL. At that time we had one picture of each other.
So, since I was going to be in Anchorage for one hour, I decided to give him a call. Did he want to meet for one hour? (I figured that was pretty safe, and I could handle anything for one hour) He was already there when I landed and we knew each other instantly. I was stunned at the blue of his eyes, and the intensity in them! He thought I was a little hippie girl, because I had one braid down one side of my long hair, and wore a beret and an artsy sleeveless dress. (I was in my hat phase)
One hour passed way too quickly. I left with tears in my eyes at having to leave him.
One week later he flew to Fairbanks. We went canoeing with friends of mine. We went our for Thai food. We walked along the Chena river. We flew to Circle Hotsprings. I cannot give you logic, but I can tell you that we were engaged less than 24 hours after meeting one another! We still shake our heads in wonder.
We were married less than five months later.
Later today, I am going to tell you my favorite story about our wedding day. It still brings an instant smile to my face when I think about it. I mean, it was SO HIM.
But for now, take a moment and tell me. What is YOUR favorite memory of your wedding day? Or a favorite story you have heard about your parents, girl friend, etc?
Note: The song playing is a song I am especially fond of when it comes to our memories. We went to Costa Rica for our honeymoon, and the beautiful lyrics remind me so much of our time there. Its called "And We Danced Anyway".


Leah said...

Happy Anniversary, Sis!

After all these years, I guess it's time I forgive you for the polka-dotted dress you made me wear while 9 months pregnant. :)

I remember that day, you looked so beautiful! And the ceremony was gorgeous against the sunny windows with snow outside.

Keep up the good work! Here's to another 14 years, and another, and another and another!


KraftyKerilou said...

Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing it with me! As for a memory of my wedding day, I guess the best part would be sharing the day with many people who are no longer with us!

Denise K. said...

Happy Anniversary!

Thanks for sharing your awesome story and the great photo of the two of you!!!! Can't wait to hear more!

Well, the first thing that comes to mind about our wedding day that I'll never forget is that it was 118 degrees! Literally! I remember the sweat pouring down my back and hoping no one would notice!

Enjoy your day and CELEBRATE LOVE!!! :-)

The Empty Envelope said...

What a beautiful story! Ours is very similar, in that it was long distance as well.

Let's see wedding day...Well I moved from PA to MN that day and it was the last time I saw a lot of my friends. But worth it!

*and psst, you are in my prayers today! *hugs*

Linda said...

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing your story... and Deana's a big favorite around here.

Mandi said...

Oh, what a sweet story! Happy Anniversary!

My favorite part of my wedding day? When the wedding was over! LOL...for being so small, it still got a little stressful!

Enjoy your day!

Kim said...

Aww! Happy Anniversary! and what a great love story.

I don't know if I have a "favorite" story from my wedding day, because I was such a nervous wreck. I don't know that I actually enjoyed the day. Which is not to say I wasn't happy about getting married . . . 'cause here I am 20 years later still married to my high school sweetheart <3

BTW, love the header picture!!

Loquacious said...

Happy anniversary! What a sweet story! I love it.

My favorite memory from my wedding - we stood on steps, with me higher than him (because I am SHORT!!!!). I was wearing heels (and I don't do that often at all) and am known for being clumsy.

As we turned to step down, he held my hand and guided me down the step to make sure I didn't fall. It felt so loving and tender than he was there, caring for me already.

Carole said...

Happy Anniversary!

A funny memory from our wedding day was when we left the reception our friends and family had decorated our car and tied cans with long strings to the back bumper of my little compact car. I remember when we got to the hotel I went around the back of the car and there were only the strings left!

Lori said...

Happy Anniversary Ger. I wish I could have been there.

Thank you for being my maid of honor at my wedding even though it broke your heart. What a dear you were to endure that.

The omen was the wedding cake being knocked over...should have ran then!

Anonymous said...

I am SO glad that you caried through with your "long distance" relationship with daddy.
Without you two there is no me.
Chena Bean.

pooky225 said...

Happy belated Anniversary, my Dh and i had a long distance relationship, internet based!!! I was in England (UK) and he was ion Oklahoma (USA) I wouldn't be without him for all the money in the world. Love your blog, very interesting.