Thursday, November 20, 2008

Twitter Me

My dear bloggy friend talked me into Twittering, and so now I am all atwitter. Not really, I actually forget about it sometimes, but if you want to follow me on Twitter, pls let me know and we can link up. I had a Twitter Widget but it has, alas, given up the ghost and I am too lazy to fix it right now.

I will have a linky later, promise! (not really, but I do have good intentions)


Kim said...

I am so techno-illiterate. I see twitter every where (little windows on people's blogs with snippets of conversations) but I really haven't a clue how it all works?? Is it like texting, or do you actually sit down at your computer to do it?

glitzen said...

Hi Kim,

Its something you can do from your computer, or phone. I don't do it from my phone, but some people do.
You can sign up at and go from there. I am just trying it out. Its kind of neat!

The Empty Envelope said...

Add me: Hehe.

Denise K. said...

Hmmmm...I'm ignorant...what is a "twitter?" :-) I need a tutorial!

twinmama said...

Twitter is crazy stuff, isn't it? It is like random thoughts from everyone in the universe. I like to put my most incoherent thoughts out there (which is not really didn't than my blog really...)

I am twinmamabee on twitter. (twinmama was taken, the nerve!) ;)