Wednesday, November 26, 2008


We had lots of fun sledding in the new snow!

I went face-first into a big drift, I really must learn to steer a bit better.

Its fun to sled down onto our lake, and as a bonus it packs down this ramp that we use to take the Super Cub down on skis. Its easier to take off from the lake than our runway, during winter.

The trees are so gorgeous right now.

Bye guys!


Loquacious said...

Is that your husband? If so, he's a handsome man!

Kim said...

You've got such beautiful pictures of this lake! I love seeing the different looks as the weather changes. Speaking of weather, since we just got a big snowfall, we plan to do lots of sledding this weekend. (Do you think sledding will burn off the 15,000 calories I consumed?)