Friday, March 13, 2009

Creating Art

I had so much fun making a little wood decoration for my scrapbooking nook!!

While I was on my scrapbooking retreat, I grabbed this alterable wood word from the clearance bin. Its made by Creative Imaginations . As you scrappers know, "Create" is a bit overdone in the scrapping I told my friend "Well, its not like I need another one of theeese..." but picked it up anyway. Its hard to see here, but the letters are real wood, and about 4 1/2 inches tall each. A good deal is hard to pass up!

Then later, a brainstorm....I could just use some of the letters, and make "Art" instead. I love art. I have a real thing about it. I love Alaskan art, and collect pieces by my favorite wildlife artists. I love art history, studying the masters, memorizing their different works and styles, and teaching my children about them all. I have tons of books about each art period. We play art card games, and games where you can "steal" art by substituting a forgery, etc. I just love it all.

So I decided to alter the "Create" wood word and make it my own. Besides, what a great way to remind myself that scrapbooking is, after all, an art form. And we should always do it exactly as we love it, stay true to our own individual style and form, and relish the freedom of expression that comes with it.

So I painted them, stamped with paint, put rub-ons on it, added jewels, feathers, dried flowers, bottle cap, cancelled stamps, even cut up a bit of an old credit card. I included a coin from New Zealand that I like from a trip I made there, and the "G" is for my initial.

For a quick project, I think it turned out kind of cute. I'm going to add some ribbon or wire on each letter, so it can hang easily. But it will stand up too, and I have it on my windowsill in my kitchen right now, and I'm enjoying it. My girls played right along with me, and made some neat altered things for their cousins. Chena used the "C" to make a door hanger for her room too. I might post those too, when I get pictures. They were not quite finished.

What's the last crafty thing you did? Did you have fun? Let yourself go? Play play play? I hope so!


Missresa said...

After finding your blog, I was inspired enough to start on a memory book I'd been making for my sister-in-law... Something that I haven't touched in MONTHS! I've been so caught up in other things, that I just let my projects sit. I finished 3 pages, and didn't get to bed until around 12:30 a.m.! It was worth it, though!

glitzen said...

Wow Missresa, that is so neat! I am just pleased as punch that you got excited about scrapbooking from my blog. Thanks for telling me! :) Your sister in law will be happy too, I bet!

Mere said...

Such a CUTE project!!

love, Mere

Denise K. said...

Oh you are too good!!! I want to come over and play with you!!! :-)
I LOVE crafting and keep waiting for a cold yucky day to stay inside and start a new project..thank you for inspiring me to just get to it, whether it is warm or cold!

Can't wait to hear all about the lambs you will be watching too!

You're amazing Geri...homeschooling, taking care of all the animals, raising children, showing dogs, running a business,and SO much more! You're incredible!

BTW, I am praying for your neighbor and hope she is doing well...

Thinking of you RIGHT now!!!

With love from Colorado to Alaska,
Denise :-)

UnseasonablyWarm said...

I am so jealous you're in alaska! And I love the ART piece you made! If it vanishes, you may have to see if I "escaped" up to Alaska briefly! lol

wholarmor said...

Very cute! I haven't done anything very crafty for a while. Was working on a paper bag book, but haven't finished that yet!

Thanks for sharing!