Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dewey Love Him or What?

I have been smitten. By a small ball of fluff on gangly legs. He's just a a lamb, and I'm just a temporary lamb-sitter...but well, its pretty much all over when I meet any kind of baby animal. Then bond with him over bottle feeding formula and midnight walks. And look into his blue-gray eyes while he sits in my lap. Yep. A goner.

We are only keeping Dewey, a three-week old lamb, for two weeks while his family is on vacation, but boy we are sure having some fun. He's quite the entertainer.

Dewey love him? Yes!

Dewey think he's funny? Yes!

Dewey want to keep him forever? Yes!

Dewey love his leaps and skips? Yes!

Dewey love to watch him chase a ball like a puppy? Yes!

Watch while Dewey meets Penguin. I'm sure he just wants to be friends....


Denise K. said...

Oh my goodness...he is absolutely adorable!!!! I was going to ask you when he would be joining your family...Dewey is just so SWEET!!! You are so good with so many different kinds of animals. I want chickens so bad...but have to jump through some hoops with the home owners association, etc...

I was also thinking...I would love to see some photos of your home classroom. I used to have a classroom in our home when I was tutoring students...I LOVE teaching, as I know you do so I would love to see your set up!

I also noticed all the snow you have...when will spring come? It is SO brown here...not a speck of green life is SO beautiful in Alaska...can't wait to meet you one day Miss Glitzen! :-)

Taryn said...

oh how cute! That is adorable!

twinmama said...

So cute!! I would have such a hard time giving him back to the family especially by the way you described him.

Also, to piggy back off of what Denise K. wrote in her comment, I would be interested in your classroom set up, too. As you know my kiddos are only 2, but I am praying for God to guide me as to whether we should and have the opportunity to homeschool. I have a friend nearby that does it, but would love to hear from others like yourself who have lots of experience.

The Empty Envelope said...

Aww, so precious!! You should send it in to I never knew a lamb would chase a cat!

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

OMGOSH, this is just too precious. Thank you for sharing.