Monday, March 9, 2009

Scrapbooking Retreat!

I had the BEST time this weekend on a get-away with my scrapping buddies! We went to a retreat at a beautiful B & B on the Anchorage hillside, The Alaskan Leopard. Its the most amazing place, with a gourmet chef, hot tubs, beautiful view, cozy luxury rooms, and complete pampering. We were pretty much in heaven! Add to that all-day scrapping, shopping excursions, and my favorite scrapbooking side-kicks and it just doesn't get much better.

Our fantastic host, also our chef, prepared four-course meals each time we were called to the table, even for breakfast. He spoiled us rotten. Each dish was not just gourmet, it was presented beautifully as well. Almost too pretty to eat. Almost!

The night we arrived, he greeted us warmly and told us he had to go out for a few hours. You see, he explained, he was in a state-wide fitness contest, and it was award night. He was dressed up, looked quite dapper, and further explained that he had just lost SIXTY pounds in ninety days! We were impressed. When he returned later that night, I'm not sure his feet were touching the ground at all. He had WON the contest, a cruise on the Mexican Riviera, and $10, 000! It was super exciting to hear him tell all about it.

The whole weekend was just fantastic. I loved connecting with my buddies, scrapping together, laughing our heads off, and kicking back with no responsibilities. Every mommy/wife needs that once in awhile. It usually takes me awhile to unwind, I feel kind of guilty! And spoiled!

I love scrapbooking. Its a passion of mine. I think its important to preserve our memories, as time goes by so fast in our lives, and its easy to forget the little things, that matter so deeply to me as a mom. I won't always remember the silliness, the inside jokes, the crazy situations and quiet moments in our home. I won't always be able to recall the nicknames the children had for each other, the games they invented with their friends, or how tall they got in one summer. So I take a lot of pictures, and I journal quite a bit about our busy life.

I scrapbook a bit at home, but being able to really get down to creating is such a lot of fun, and I got a lot done! Here are a few of my pages I did, while on my heavenly weekend. Most of them are pictures from last summer, as I like to make a summer album each year. I'm excited I got some done! Yippee!

The above layouts are all 12x12, and as seasoned scrapbookers know, can take an hour or two for each page. I'm plenty happy to have even this many created in one weekend!

The next one I did for my little Dandelion's puppy album, and it is a 6x6 layout.

Again for your scrappers, I can't list all my materials here, but I left most of my distressing supplies at home, and paints. I did do some inking for dimension, but other than that it was just playing with paper and embellies.

Now off I go to unpack. Wishing each of you a happy get-away like mine in the very near future!

Tell me, what was the BEST and most relaxing quick trip you have ever taken?


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Woah!!!!! You got lots done! Gorgeous pages...
Congratulations on such a great weekend! Sounds like it had all the perfect elements, friends, food, atmosphere...

Gosh... your host is awesome!

Carole said...

Oh your pages are beautiful!!! And I totally know what you mean - I've given up scrapbooking at home altogether - I just wait for crops or whatever so I can just relax - no responsibilities or distractions (other than my friends, anyway!). I am actually going on a scrapbooking retreat this weekend, but nothing near as fancy or personalized as what you did - how wonderful of you to have such a fun weekend, you deserve it! :-)

Loquacious said...

woohoo! look at your beautiful pages, too.

Mere said...

Your pages look AWESOME! I miss scrapping...I have NO time! Wow...wanna know how goofy I feel right now??....I've been reading your blog and not until THIS post did it click that you lived in Alaska! WOW! I feel goofy!

Love, Mere

Denise K. said...

What a wonderful get away!!! Your pages looked fantastic; you are so creative!!! I LOVE scrapbooking but have fallen so far behind, I think I am now lost! My last fully completed album was in 2006! Yikes!

Oh relaxing dear friend Kim and I spent a weekend in the wine country in California and we did mud baths, shopping, visited wineries, etc...and did it all in 48 hours! Sometimes the little get aways are the best!

Have a blessed week Geri!

Denise :-)

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Pretty pages- wow how cool! I see on your twitter it is over 30 degress there. I am in Wisconsin and when I complain about our weather (daily) I say, ''its colder here than in Alaska!'' Today it is 20 with a big wind.
Your weekend must have been fabulous!
Thanks for stopping by!

ani hearts japan said...

All of your LOs are beautiful! Love them!!

The most relaxing "quick" getaway I've had was with my DH last year for our 11th anniversary. We spent two days and nights at the Omni Hotel in Dallas. We ate scrumptious food, relaxed, took naps, etc. It was wonderful. Someday I hope to go on a scrapbooking getaway!!

Brandy said...

Sounds like the weekend away was awesome!! :) You got TONS of pages done and they look fantastic! Love that one of Dandelion!! :P

Missresa said...

I just found your blog, and am so excited to find you, because I live in Soldotna!!! I love scrapping, too, but haven't had a whole lot of time to do it lately. Your pages turned out beautiful!!!

Kim said...

I used to go on scrapbook retreats twice a year, but my friend who organized them has moved Outside and no one else has stepped up. Looking at your pages makes me realize how much I got done on those retreats. Beautiful job, BTW! You make me want to dig in and get some pages done.

Since I started using a digital camera, I find that I've gotten really lazy about printing out my pics. I have so many photos sitting on my computer that I want to put into albums, but . . .