Saturday, September 20, 2008

Annual Fall Photos...aka School Pictures!

Each year I eagerly await our fall photo session. I have been doing this since the girls were tiny, and I enjoy it so much. I grab the girls, fresh batteries in my cam, and head down the trail behind our house. It has to be the perfect day, late in fall..but not too late. Lots of gorgeous colors in the leaves, berries, etc. Not after the colors are faded and defeated looking. Sun peeking out from time to time, but not too much glare. Ya know, the perfect day. And day after day this month, all it did was rain. I was waiting and waiting, and knew my days were limited for getting the pictures I wanted.
Then one day, the rain stopped. For only 3 hours! And in those three hours I flew around like a maniac, trying to get outside while it was nice. I'm so happy the weather cooperated with me, if only for a short time. I'll take what I can get at this point!

So here are a few of my favorite shots from this year's photo shoot. Grandparents, take note and tell me your favorites! In fact, everyone please let me know your vote-getters for your favorite shots. Pick 3 for me: your favorite Strawberry Girl (Penelope) and your favorite Flower Girl (Chena) and your favorite of the two together. Thanks in advance!
Some of the pictures that just grab me are ones where they are just being silly, giggly girls. Sisters who adore each other most of the time. But who love to bug each other and get under each other's skin. Girls happy and fresh and energetic. Girls sick of the camera. Girls rolling their eyes at their fussy photographer-wanna-be mama. You get the idea!
I started with the barn as my background, for a few shots.

I like this shot of my pensive dreamer girl. She is always dreaming big dreams, and this look is one I see often.

I like using the hay for a background too. It adds some texture, but doesn't take too much away from the subject.

These are just a little bit down the trail, past the horse pasture.

and down by toward our lake...

She looks sooooo cute in that hat.

Chena was grinning at her sister. Love that sly look.

Yeah, Penelope is pretty enthused about the hugging... hee hee.

Have you noticed yet I have a thing for HATS?

Uh huh. Had to have a few of these moments.

And this was the last shot of the day. It was after I told them they were done, and they had eaten their marshmallow pies (yes, of course a bribe!) and run around like wild indians. I stopped them on the trail back home and begged for just one more shot. And ya know, it just might be my favorite of all of them!


Elizabeth said...

Great pictures!! They are adorable. I love the ones with the yellow leaves in the background. The contrast is great.

Loquacious said...

Your girls are lovely and the photos are great. I need to wrangle my kids for some pics too!

Lori said...

I love their dimples! So sweet. You are so good at photography! I love those hats!

Denise K. said... beautiful your girls are! I saw several favorites!!! There were a few in particular where the lighting was so complimentary, and they looked so carefree...I liked the neat one of your older daughter behind a tree with her hair swinging out, and so many more! What a wonderful life you lead in beautiful Alaska!!!!

Leah said...

Ha ha! I had to laugh at how many of our fall pictures are the same! I did ours yesterday and used the devil's clubs, the white birch, and yes, even a bale of straw! :) I'm not ready to share them yet on my blog, but I'll email you a couple. First, I have to get a few more that I have in mind (that aren't in my yard) and then I like to order them.


KraftyKerilou said...

Great photos! I do the same thing with Ds every fall. Not time here, yet, though. Usually about the second week in October. We actually go to the local cemetary. Strange, I know. BUt they have the oldest, most fabulous maples!
I like the ones with the hats the best!!

The Empty Envelope said...

I love the photos especially the hat ones. They are so cute! And I'm such a sucker for dimples.
I love how your girls look so different too, mine are like. My eldest is the fairer one, my younger the darker. They are FINALLY looking like they could be related!

Janet said...

Oh my goodness- these pictures turned out fabulous! I am having a tough time picking out a favorite. For individual shots, It think I have to say the first hay background for Penelope (oh- or the 2nd hay one) and the hay for Chena. I like the two of them together in front of the logs, and then hugging one where Penelope looks so enthused. Oh- and the last single shot of PK and the last shot of the two of them together. How many favorites did you want us to pick? The hat shots and the peeking from around the tree are cute too.