Sunday, September 28, 2008

Any Given Sunday

Today was a typical Sunday for our family, and its the small everyday-ness that sometimes makes life so sweet.

We went to church. I was the last one in the car, as usual. Michael avoided the temptation of honking the horn. Hee hee. The mountains were just gorgeous, and I wished I had grabbed the camera for on the way. We stopped at McDonalds, and had an egg-mick-something. We were a little bit late for the song service, which Michael was happy to see, because he thinks they are a bit too loud and too long!

Headed home after church. Two of us wanted to eat in town and two at home. So we grabbed a bit of something at Arbys. Saw a couple of moose on the way, and two seals in the Kenai river. I could not believe it was not raining...that is like, almost three days in a row. Whoa.

Home again. Michael grilled some sausage for sandwiches, and put those together. I was sleepy and took a short nap while the rest of the gang went down to the lake. Michael mowed the lawn at the shoreline, and the girls caught minnows, and played tag with Dandelion. Chena caught a huge-striped minnow and wanted to show me but Penelope set it free too soon. Michael decided to take a nap in the sun, and the girls put Dandelion on the boogie board and let her be a surfer girl. She rode the board, splashed and played, and as Michael put it, she learned how to "hang ten".

We got the horses out on the grass, the new pasture which is also part of our huge lawn. They are very happy horses! And we need to let them get it now, because snow is coming soon.

Chena and Michael saddled up and headed out on a trail ride. Penelope and I went for a walk to pick up agates from the runway. When the sun is shining a certain way, they are easy to find along the way. It was a nice walk, but cold in the shade. I found some pretty agates!

When we got home our trail riders were home, and they were unsaddling the horses. Found out why it had been such a short ride-Whisper threw a shoe out in the woods. She got her hoof caught on the root of a tree sticking out. Bummed out about that, because our farrier is out of town and our substitute just left for college.

Chena was not ready to stop riding, so she jumped back up on Summer, bareback, and headed back down the runway to catch the evening sun. Penelope, who had been wearing her riding helmet on our whole walk, eager for her turn, had to give up for today. She cheered up quick though, because Daddy decided to take her for a ride on his motorbike, and give her some steering lessons.

Guess we will have some leftover tater tot casserole for dinner. Maybe some clam chowder. Sunday dinner is usually leftovers, if we have any. Chena just came in and said she wants to make some pancakes too. Strange and weird dinner but sounds yummy!

Later we are going to pop some popcorn and watch an Andy Griffith episode on Netflix.

(Nah, too tame! We actually ended up turning all the lights in the house off, and played hide n seek in the dark. Tried to gang up on daddy, but he piled us all up in a huge tickle pile and declared himself the winner...AGAIN.)


KraftyKerilou said...

Sounds like a glorious day!! Those are the times the kids will cherish when they grow up!
*You make those cookies yet??*!!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Oh, what a fun day indeed! :) I have a new giveaway going on, and thought you'd like to know about it!

Lori said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful day!

I wish the scenery from here to church and back were so interesting! I get tired of billboards and used car dealerships. Ugh

A good memory making day!