Saturday, September 27, 2008

More Fall Pics

I took a TON of pictures here at home, and really had fun. I thought I was done...but nope...the shutter bug in me came to life again on the way home from church Sunday. The sun was shining, and the rarity of the moment made me reach for the camera again. We stopped at a little park in town and the girls were happy to race into the woods, climb trees, play on the swings, etc. It was just a GORGEOUS afternoon.

My monkey girl

The woods were so pretty! I love the leaves growing up near the birch trees in this shot.

My poor patient girls would really rather be swinging!

There ya go!


KraftyKerilou said...

These turned out just wonderful!! You have plenty of great ones to choose from, I would have trouble choosing!

Kim said...

I just love these pictures of your girls!! I am hoping I can get mine outside in the next day or two, before the beautiful fall leaves are gone. I really like how you've used the trees, so the girls don't look too "posed." Very natural, lovely photos. Good work!

Linda said...

OMG! The 4th one of P is perfect!

Lori said...

IF ONLY public school pictures were so good. You have a real gift!

I'll post the latest of Preston's school pics on my blog. But I think I will go crazy and make him model for me outside somewhere. He'll just love that! lol