Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pumpkin Cake Math

Chena came running up to me and said "Can I teach math today?". Now, if you know Chena, you will know that almost anything she suggests excitedly has to do with riding her horse or cooking something. Since math and horses are only marginally connected, I figured she wanted to bake something. I was right.

She told me she wanted to make a surprise in the kitchen, and teach today's math lesson to her sister at the same time. Then she showed me her "lesson plans" and boy oh boy...they were great!

Here is what she told me she would cover:

Improper Fractions

Proper Fractions






Being the uber-spoiled mom I am, I pushed my luck and asked her to please include Estimating..to which she readily agreed. I really am super spoiled, because she loves school and loves to help teach her sister. Pretty awesome combination!

So they were off and running. And cooked up a totally mean super yummy Spiced Pumpkin Cake along the way.

Penelope measuring ingredients

Happy school girl!

Pouring it in...all that pretty orange pumpkin color...love it!

Working on problems her sister wrote for her

This is fun, Mom!

Almost ready to eat...but we need frosting! (what? of course I wash my oven mitts regularly...those must be borrowed from, um..the neighbors. Yeah, thats it)

Making the glaze...(I love the flour stuck to her little arm!)

Mmmmmmm. What a great way to end a math lesson.


Janet said...

Wow- look at those Pampered Chef girls go! =) I hope you are both ready to teach me some math when I visit next!

The Empty Envelope said...

Stuff like that is why I wanted to homeschool!! So cute! And yummy looking!! You should be a very proud momma;).

PS...the more I think about it, the more I'm kind of glad Spencer stole the bean bag chair. It's really great for him since he likes to spend an hour 'fluffing'. He has done in some pillows, not to mention the blankets, etc. LOL! Thanks for the comment!

KraftyKerilou said...

That looks so good! And good for the girls actually WANTING to learn math! I am constantly fighting my 12 yo about math...
Love the tshirt, too!!

Lori said...

Chena is an awesome teacher! How clever!
Your girls are having such a good life.
Good job Mom!

grandma & grandpa Nichol said...

Hi girls, I love your math lesson. I especially like it when it comes to baking. That's a big favorite of mine and so was math in school. I've always been pretty good at both, if I do say so myself!! haha Lots of love, Grandma Sue